Best Casinos in Toronto

Welcome to the main page which includes a complete and thorough overview of the best casino halls in Toronto. Find out what makes each of these places so special, and decide for yourself which are your top picks. This unique Canadian city is worth exploring in every aspect, particularly its lively gambling scene.

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While the city of Toronto has so many casinos of the finest quality, the following are our picks for the top five best casinos in Toronto, in no particular order:  

First up, we have Woodbine, which is one of the most luxurious and fanciest of them all. It is located very close to the airport, making it a convenient spot for tourists and vacationers. This place has it all – slot machines, live tables, e-tables, e-tables with a liver dealer, and more. Here, players are even served free non-alcoholic drinks to keep them refreshed, hydrated, and going!

Next up, we have the Great Blue Heron, which you can find open all day long, any day of the week. This hall never closes, and the influx of players is never dry. This place’s over 500 different slot machines are not even its greatest feature, nor is it the well-known poker tables and games, it is the award-winning buffet. This hotel runs the buffet all day long, and it is even reasonably priced

We then have the Rama Resort, which has been serving the community for over a quarter of a century. During that time, the casino has grown a lot, and it now has thousands of machine games and table games of all kinds! Their special services include staff that is willing to help guide you when you’re stuck on a game as well as self-exclusion programs for those who have gambling issues.

Another one of our favorites is the Gateway Casino Innisfil. This place, just like the one in second spot, opens 24/7, and the action never dies! Their signature gaming area, called The Stadium, has e-table games, a live dealer, and a big screen that shows live game statistics. The exciting and thrilling atmosphere that is offered all day long simply cannot be missed.

The last casino to make the cut is the Pickering. This modern place has a large and spacious game zone that fits all of its over 2k slot machines and hundreds of tables, both live and electronic. There is never a dull moment between the Pickering’s machines, table games, and live entertainment shows like concerts and comedy shows. 

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What casinos in Toronto are like:

These casinos may seem like ordinary ones, but the fact that they are located in Toronto makes them a cut above the rest. This is because the gambling scene in this city is one of the most exciting, interesting, and fast-growing.

The pace at which gambling is gaining popularity in Toronto can be attributed to many things, including the influx of tourists hoping to get a feel of what casinos here are like. Another aspect is how safe the city is, which makes it an attractive choice of destination. Also, Toronto has so much more to offer, and the casinos are simply a bonus.

When these reasons and more are put together, it becomes apparent why Toronto is an attractive destination for many players.

The new casino in Toronto

Since more and more halls are propping up across The 6ix, here is the most recent casino open in Toronto:

The Great Canadian Casino made its grand opening to become the biggest casino in Toronto and the country.

This establishment is home to a large hotel that has hundreds of rooms, includes over ten floors, and it is equipped with all the greatest amenities that you would expect of a hotel of its magnitude. The casino alone can accommodate for nearly 5k individuals at the same time. This place has been a turning point that seals the city’s place on the map in the international gambling scene.

Head over to Toronto and see for yourself!

As you have probably deduced by now, the casinos in Toronto are thriving and growing, thanks to the passion of the locals and the interest and influx of tourists from all over the country and the world.

This growing trend is greatly due to the unique and unforgettable experience that the casinos in Toronto offer. The vibe, the energy, the excitement, it is simply unmatched and exceptional.

To fully comprehend the picture, one simply has to take a trip to experience it all first-hand. So, do yourself a favor, and take a trip to the casino or casinos of your choice in Toronto for an extraordinary experience of gambling, fun, entertainment, great food, and wonderful people. It simply doesn’t get any better than that!


Does Toronto have any casinos?

Yes. In fact, Toronto is home to the largest one in the country and the region.

How many casinos are there in Toronto?

An estimated and rough number would be around six in total. However, there are numerous other casinos around the city, and not far from it. These ones are easily accessible and are just a short drive away. Thus, an estimate of the exact number of casinos that are located within the borders of the city might be an understatement of the actual number of places that are accessible to the people in the region.

Are casinos legal in Toronto?

The short answer is yes. There are, however, many legal considerations that have to be met when obtaining a license to operate any establishment that involves gambling. And for the record, bingo also counts as gambling. This translates to the fact that a license is required to host bingo at an establishment. Additionally, online gambling is also legal in Toronto.

What is the biggest casino in Canada?

The biggest one in the entire country, and even the region, is easily The Great Canadian. This hotel and casino is 328k square feet and hosts nearly five thousand players at once. This colossal place is estimated to be worth one billion dollars!

How far are casinos from downtown Toronto?

On average, casinos are about a thirty-minute drive to an hour’s drive from downtown Toronto.

Are drinks free in Canadian casinos?

This depends on the casino itself. Some offer self-service refreshment stations that are free of charge, some allow non-alcoholic beverages to be served for free, and others charge for the drinks. So, it all boils down to the policy of the place itself. If you have a hall in mind, it is best to call ahead and inquire about their policies to be better prepared, to avoid disappointment, and to avoid missing out!

What is casino style dress code?

As with the previous question, the dress code often depends on the casino itself and the atmosphere of the place. The safest choice of clothing, which also happens to be the most common dress code for casinos, is formal attire. Smart casual attire may also be another safe choice. The rule of thumb is that the more high-end and luxurious the place is, the stricter its dress code is. As always, it is best to either call the place ahead of time to inquire about its policies regarding the dress code, or you may read relevant reviews online.

What not to wear in a casino?

As mentioned earlier, this, once again, depends on the casino itself and the atmosphere in it. However, you can safely assume that sportswear, beachwear, and very casual clothing are a no-no. It is also best to avoid wearing sandals, flip-flops, or any other similar footwear.